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The New Year’s post

11.1.23 11:00 am
  1. Greetings,
  2. I hope this post finds you in the best of your spirits.
  3. As this year starts it comes with a new hope and new aspirations for all of us. As we all enter the second week of the year I thought it due to coin and summarise our achievements till now. We had some new enhancements added to our servers which would effectively give them a faster response time and more space based on our new implementation method. This new method also gives us hope for providing a better customer experience to our customers. As of closing today gangabiz remains to be the lowest cost ecommerce marketplace. Using this blog I would like to invite sellers to sell their new only merchandise on the ecommerce marketplace marketplace. Our quest for innovation does not stop here as we seek new sustainable technology methods to improve and optimise our assets. At closing I would invite our customers to come and shop on our marketplace and potential sellers to list their merchandise with us. Thanking you and wishing you all a great and fruitful year ahead where you achieve all the goals you have had thought to achieve.
    Hope to see you either shopping and/or selling on! as we enter our 5th year of Live operations.
    Regards Debopriyo
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Survey Time

26.5.22 5:04 pm
  1. Please tell us what/how you feel about and how we can improve.
  2. We have created a survey form to get your feedback:
    User Feedback page
  3. Please enlighten us by telling us what you feel about our ecommerce marketplace
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I thought it is time to write a new blog post:

1.9.21 16:36 pm
  1. The last few months had been exciting and we made a few changes namely:
  2. 1.We enabled 4 different method of payments namely:
    a) Cash on delivery
    b) Open payment gateway
    c) Paytm payment gateway.
    d) Razorpay payment gateway.
  3. 2. The payment instruments or gateways were replaced because some of the payment gateways were encountering payment issues on chromium based browsers.
  4. 3. With the above changes the chrome 80 browser issue has been fixed and the marketplace has now become browser agnostic again.
  5. 4. In a good development our trademark application got approved by the trademark authority and we are now a registered trademark as a ecommerce marketplace.
    5. In another feature addition we added an issues page by which users can share the issues they observe with us directly.
    Every day is a new day and we are starting our scale up initiatives as the market opens up and the economy shows signs of recovery!
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Gangabiz now charges sellers the lowest commission across all e-commerce marketplaces.

21.6.21 10:51 am
  1. charges the lowest commission across all marketplaces in India
  2. As an example, Flipkart charges near about 30-40 % margin, Amazon charges between 30-40 % margin, Meesho charges upto 1.8% margin and we(gangabiz) charge you up to 1.75% margin(The lowest across all marketplaces in India)
  3. Also once you list with us it is free for the first 3 months and which means any sale you make in the first 3 months there are no charges for the first 3 months of listing. So list now and reap the benefits of gangabiz. (Exclusive of taxes and payment gateway fees and which are as per the laws of the land)
  4. Gangabiz is India’s emerging e-commerce marketplace.
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A few important points

26.5.21 11:25 am
As the year progressed we did some enhancements and improvements
1. Now sellers can create a login in the seller module and list their merchandise. We automated the selling process.
2. Customers can now see their gst numbers as they progress with their orders. At gangabiz compliance is visibility so now customers can enter their gst numbers if they have one and see it as they progress with their orders.Earlier gst was limited to their profiles.
3. Paypal gateway was replaced with razorpay as PayPal stopped operations in India.
4. Now you can share a product detail page seamlessly on FB and WhatsApp directly from gangabiz.
5. We updated our brand logo to what we believe is a cooler version.
As with everything beautiful we keep evolving. gangabiz is India’s emerging ecommerce marketplace.
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Payments through the Paypal gateway are down

26.4.21 7:08 am

One of our payment gateway PayPal is having some technical issues, we are working to resolve the same. In the meantime all payments can be routed through the Payu gateway, however, for the international ones, there may be a separate add-on charge depending upon the delivery location.The add-on charge for international orders is to cover the courier charges.We will notify once normalcy is restored for the paypal gateway

Our commitment to planet earth

9.1.21 1:02 pm

As we move forward in 2021, there is new hope and a new dawn on the horizon. With that hope and enthusiasm in mind, we commit to spending 1% of our net profit towards our earth initiative. This is our way of saying thank-you and making planet earth a better place for everybody; for the way we see it: a pro earth company is good for all. (The last time we checked the good books) The marketing guy has failed & this is our way of doing a 360-degree business and if we may say achieving a good and meaningful goal. See you shopping on our marketplace. Ab to shopping kar lo. Gangabiz is India’s emerging e-commerce marketplace. #gangabiz #proearth

Our new call and trade option

22.12.20 11:36am

Our beloved customers can now call and trade by directly calling our call and trade number on Our Direct call & trade number is +91-7829907767. For apparel items, there is no minimum order, and we deliver both nationally and globally on all days. Grocery orders are currently limited within the city limits of Kolkata, and the minimum order is Rs 700. Grocery delivery schedules in Kolkata are as follows: Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday & Monday will be delivered on Wednesday, and orders placed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday will be delivered on Sunday. The call and trade option is in addition to our omnichannel online options. Gangabiz is India's emerging E-commerce marketplace. The call and trade number is active between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm IST on all days. #ecommerce #gangabiz #callandtrade

The year that was in Numbers

17.12.20 8:41am

As we near the end of the fateful 2020. I thought it would be good to look back at the year in numbers. We had close to 28000 visits since our launch, 16000 unique and first-time visitors. Our ads created close to a million-plus impressions in the digital space generating close to 13000 unique visits & our visitors spanned 5 continents.#gangabiz #yearinnumbers

Lighting, colour and video

17.11.20 9:40am

As we progressed from one to the next and observed user behaviors, we realized that one of the most pressing needs from the customer's point of view was to have a real-life look at the items that were displayed.Going by that definition, we realized that a video of the garment in white light would be most appropriate as people would have a real feel of the item.Therefore going by that formulation: we have now dynamically enabled videos for some of our more expensive merchandise so that the consumer has a real life-like simulated look at the apparel.As with many other features, we feel that it is one of our more cool features. Happy shopping.

2 big announcements

11.9.20 7:18pm

1.We ( and are now servicing close to 18000 pin codes across India and servicing returns using our own couriers.
2.Cash on Delivery feature is now enabled on the marketplace owing to the popularity of this mode and based on customer demand across the e-commerce marketplace
With the above enhancements we hope to see you buying on our marketplace Remember gangabiz is India’s emerging ecommerce marketplace:)

We are looking for investors

28.8.20 7:47am

As I scale-up to the next level, I am looking for 100 investors with an investment package between INR 50 lac to 1 cr each. GangaBiz is India's emerging e-commerce marketplace and whose goal is to become the number 1 profitable ecommerce player globally. If interested in investing please reach out to us at #gangabiz #ecommerce #scaleup #investmentopportunity #exponentialgrowth

Now gangabiz available as and

26.8.20 16.37pm

On 15.8.20 we at decided that since we have the tag line as India's emerging e-commerce marketplace we should have the .in domain So now you can browse gangabiz as or as we guarantee you the same experience. Browse as if you are feeling more patriotic or rather shall we say more Indian this independence month.

The case for gangabiz

25th of August'2020 00:26 am

I get this question: Why as another e-commerce player when we already have so many popular? ones? Our answer: We offer or rather charge the lowest commission in the industry across the popular players Here is an example: Player A charges between 20-25 % for an item sold on their marketplace So if you are selling on marketplace A an item for say Rs 5000 then they(Player A) takes at least a commission between 1000 to 1250 Player F charges between 30-40% for an item sold on their marketplace So, for player F they would take a commission between 1500 to 2000 for the same item of Rs 5000 sold on their marketplace. We at charge just 10 % flat so for the same item sold we take a commission of 500 and which means the seller (That is you) gets 750 rs more(when compared to marketplace A) and 1500 more(When compared to marketplace F) for the same item sold at the same price on our marketplace and which means more profits to the seller. Now my request to sellers you do the math yourself and decide. If you ask us you make more profits by selling on our marketplace. So the math clearly says is the chosen one if you want to maximize profits. Choose the profitable way of selling and you can pass on the profits to the customers or you keep it to yourself! we won’t ask! it’s your call!

A brief history:

18 August 2020 at 6:56 PM

The name gangabiz is derived from the combination of 2 prominent words Ganga and biz and it symbolizes the flow of a river and biz means business. What was the trigger: There was a feeling to try out e-commerce and see if a profitable rise was possible. How we built the marketplace: We started by writing the first line of code and built upon it module upon module What we intend to do: We intend to be the number one e-commerce player globally. And how are we doing it: We are building it one brick at a time inch by inch. What protection are we taking in these COVID times?: We are using artificial intelligence wherever possible to reduce the use of human models and ensure that all our apparel remains untouched by hand. We are using sanitizers, soap solutions, and disinfectants extensively so that the virus cannot catch us and thereby keeping our customers safe.