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Lighting, colour and video

17.11.20 9:40am

As we progressed from one to the next and observed user behaviors, we realized that one of the most pressing needs from the customer's point of view was to have a real-life look at the items that were displayed.Going by that definition, we realized that a video of the garment in white light would be most appropriate as people would have a real feel of the item.Therefore going by that formulation: we have now dynamically enabled videos for some of our more expensive merchandise so that the consumer has a real life-like simulated look at the apparel.As with many other features, we feel that it is one of our more cool features. Happy shopping.

2 big announcements

11.9.20 7:18pm

1.We ( and are now servicing close to 18000 pin codes across India and servicing returns using our own couriers.
2.Cash on Delivery feature is now enabled on the platform owing to the popularity of this mode and based on customer demand across the e-commerce marketplace
With the above enhancements we hope to see you buying on our platform Remember gangabiz is India’s emerging ecommerce platform:)

We are looking for investors

28.8.20 7:47am

As I scale-up to the next level, I am looking for 100 investors with an investment package between INR 50 lac to 1 cr each. GangaBiz is India's emerging e-commerce platform and whose goal is to become the number 1 profitable ecommerce player globally. If interested in investing please reach out to us at #gangabiz #ecommerce #scaleup #investmentopportunity #exponentialgrowth

Now gangabiz available as and

26.8.20 16.37pm

On 15.8.20 we at decided that since we have the tag line as India's emerging e-commerce platform we should have the .in domain So now you can browse gangabiz as or as we guarantee you the same experience. Browse as if you are feeling more patriotic or rather shall we say more Indian this independence month.

The case for gangabiz

25th of August'2020 00:26 am

I get this question: Why as another e-commerce player when we already have so many popular? ones? Our answer: We offer or rather charge the lowest commission in the industry across the popular players Here is an example: Player A charges between 20-25 % for an item sold on their platform So if you are selling on platform A an item for say Rs 5000 then they(Player A) takes at least a commission between 1000 to 1250 Player F charges between 30-40% for an item sold on their platform So, for player F they would take a commission between 1500 to 2000 for the same item of Rs 5000 sold on their platform. We at charge just 10 % flat so for the same item sold we take a commission of 500 and which means the seller (That is you) gets 750 rs more(when compared to platform A) and 1500 more(When compared to platform F) for the same item sold at the same price on our platform and which means more profits to the seller. Now my request to sellers you do the math yourself and decide. If you ask us you make more profits by selling on our platform. So the math clearly says is the chosen one if you want to maximize profits. Choose the profitable way of selling and you can pass on the profits to the customers or you keep it to yourself! we won’t ask! it’s your call!

A brief history:

18 August 2020 at 6:56 PM

The name gangabiz is derived from the combination of 2 prominent words Ganga and biz and it symbolizes the flow of a river and biz means business. What was the trigger: There was a feeling to try out e-commerce and see if a profitable rise was possible. How we built the platform: We started by writing the first line of code and built upon it module upon module What we intend to do: We intend to be the number one e-commerce player globally. And how are we doing it: We are building it one brick at a time inch by inch. What protection are we taking in these COVID times?: We are using artificial intelligence wherever possible to reduce the use of human models and ensure that all our apparel remains untouched by hand. We are using sanitizers, soap solutions, and disinfectants extensively so that the virus cannot catch us and thereby keeping our customers safe.